The Dark Side

Amber's Super Epic Journal Day 1

So today I was wondering around the mountains looking for a dragon. I have always wanted to meet a dragon I bet there nice. My hero Tass rode a Dragon once I read it in one of his journals back at Kendermore, it was an amazing place. I’m related to the great Tass by way of Uncle Trapspringer it turns out hes my 3rd cousin 5 times removed. Well anyway back to the exciting news that will make me as great as him! Well as I was saying I was wandering threw the mountains it was like I had a pulling feeling. It brought me to the middle of a valley thing and there were humans there! Well i think they are humans I have never been very good at telling what race people are but I know one looked elfish I wounder if he could teach me elven that would be soo soo soo cool. His name is Ghauntree Oussurden but thats all he really said about him. There was a dude that smelled of death is was weird and i wounder if i ever could get that smell…. I once met a Gully Dwarf that smelt funny her name was beepbo and carried a dead snake with her where ever she went. After I introduced my self to them I got bored and decided to look around. I found a bug his name is Bob and I put him in one of my pouches to keep him safe. So a rat came out and then went like boom! and turned in to a man it was soo cool. I wish I could do that. Being a rat would be soo fun i could get in to all sorts of small spaces and crawl around and eat cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CHEESEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rat dude walked threw a wall so i ran threw it and rammed in to him is was fun but he didn’t seem to like it very much. They brought us to our group bed room with lots of beds and pillows! When I saw this room I got a brilliant idea. I was going to build a fort. So when Hagman went to go get me a quill and paper i started to ask people for there pillows one person said i could have theres and when i went to go get it, it grew teeth!! it was mazing and soo cool. After they all left I started away on my fort after I finished I was sitting in there playing with Bob when something landed on me. I tried to him with a pillow and missed bus soon i forgot and found something better to do.

I am sleepy now and can’t remember what i was writing about so its bed time and maybe if your lucky i will rite to you tomorrow.



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