The Dark Side

Crossing the Lava

So after the battle in the map room we slept in the “office” next to it and recovered our spells and licked our wounds. The next morning Amber Nimblefingers made a copy of the map we could take with us (the map itself was set in a large table sot wasn’t very portable) and we planned our next move. After reviewing the map we realized that we had missed a couple of rooms so we went back to check them out. Also Rhomus Bohrel wanted to raise the feathered snake thing.

One was an armory but simply mundane weapons so the only things useful were some arrows for Teegz Illa and myself. The next couple of rooms were either empty or the furnished quarters we had previously encountered. Rhomus Bohrel raised the snake thing and then we checked out the final room we had missed.

This room was a large chamber that bordered the lava river. As we rounded the corner to the room, we saw a selection of bones from previous adventurers and in the middle of the pile, a basilisk. The group flew into action – Teegan attacking with some sort of spell, Torrien summoning an animal to attack and Jericho closing to take a whack at it. I went up the wall (love that new spider climb) to try and close for flanking. After the first couple of attacks I dropped down to get my sneak attack. I hit and did damage but as I did so the basilisk turned his head and our eyes locked. As soon as it happened I knew I was in trouble. I could feel myself turning to stone and figured it was the end. Next thing I knew though everything was normal and the basilisk was dead. Evidently the group managed to put it down before the effect could become permanent.

After putting down the basilisk we returned to the map room and continued exploring the rest of the complex. The first couple rooms yielded the same old stuff – drapes, sheets, ink, paper, etc. Then we came into a domed room with what looked like the male version of the angel we had fought in the map room. This room was much smaller than the map room though so we had less room to maneuver. As always I tried to get into flanking position. It didn’t look that was that likely so I went invisible and cast true strike. No sooner did I get ready to strike though and the angel cast see invisibility and their went my advantage.

Even with this we started to whittle him down to size. Just when it looked like he was going to go down though, the damn thing opened his wings and flew to the other side of the room, healing himself along the way. Rather than follow him on the ground like everyone else, I went up the wall to try and get a shot at him with the bow. No sooner did I get ready to take a shot though, then the rest of the guys finally took him down. Oh well at least I got some more wall climbing time in.

After dealing with him we continued clearing the rooms between us and the river of lava. We found some magic stuff we couldn’t identify and a bone scroll in a rubble pile but for the most part it was more drapes and such again. We did get lucky and find a secret room though that I think belonged to the large angel we saw in the room with the feathered snake. There was a large amount of coins and gems plus a large great sword and a large composite longbow. Jericho picked them up and instantly dropped them as he felt experience drain from him. Luckily everything came back once he dropped the weapons. They were obviously worth a lot so I carefully wrapped them in the sheets without actually touching them and placed them in Amber Nimblefingers’ pack.

We came across one room that was mostly ruined but had a large gong at one end. Amber Nimblefingers of course took off at a dead run towards the gong as couldn’t resist hitting it. Luckily I was quicker and was able to tackle her and pin her to the ground. When she didn’t calm down right away I transferred her to Kird until we were away from the gong. Sometimes I am not sure if the kender is worth the trouble. However a few minutes later she proved her worth again by flipping the switch on an immovable rod that none of the rest of us could get to.

The rest of the way to the edge of the lava river was rather uneventful but once their we had to figure out how to cross. There was a lot of debate (I thought about using spider climb to simply walk across the ceiling) but eventually we came up with a plan. Teegan would use dimension door to get all of us except Rhomus Bohrel across. He was going to fly on his snake thing.

Once across we started exploring again. Being the stealthiest I was of course on point. I crept around one corner and came across what looked like a supply room. As I crept up on it I saw that it was staffed by some sort of two-headed creature. My first thought was of course to kill him but as usual the group wanted to talk. So we all came up and had a little chat with him. His name was Narkon and he was the quartermaster for a group that worshiped the entrapped demon and wanted to free him. His boss was Vornorok. Overall a night hag priestess named Grelta was in charge of this part of the dungeon. Grelta’s quarters were right across from the supply room but we decided to not ransack it now but rather try to talk our way through this part of the dungeon.

We continued deeper into this area and I came across two room across from each other. As I carpet forward to look around the corner though I must have made a noise though as the creature inside looked up and saw me. The thing turned out to be the same type of critter as Narkon and was in fact his boss Vornorok. I figured I could talk my way out of this and started up a conversation with him. I thought I was doing OK. Getting a bit of information without giving away much and keeping him from attacking. Then the rest of the group came up and everything spiraled into a mess.

Torrien let out that we were only after the Sacred Flame and didn’t want to release the demon lord. Amber Nimblefingers tried to do some sort of song and dance routine to put the thing at ease. Jericho was as boastful and stupid as ever. At first it looked like he was going to goad the guy into a fight. Then he was trying to give away Exordius as proof that we were friendly. Which was better than the first attempt as we had noticed several more two-headed things come up behind us. The whole time though he is talking like he is some sort of lord or something and Vornorok didn’t seem to be having any part of it. At about the same time Teegz was also trying the intimidation route. I really thought we were going t have to fight our way out of this one and it didn’t look like the odds were in our favor. I thought I may have to turn invisible and head for the hills but eventually sane heads prevailed and Vornorok took us to see the night hags.

When we got to the night hags we had to again plead our case. This time we were smart enough to not mention that we had no intention of freeing the demon lord. In fact we said that we would let them know if we figured out how to free him. The night hags though claimed that they had never heard of the Sacred Flame. Jericho and Teegz were once again there idiotic selves and tried to intimidate the hags. When will those two learn that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? Intimidation can be useful but you gotta know when to use it.

The hags were having a hard time buying us as allies though and didn’t believe that we had killed angles on our way there. Top convince them and seal the deal, Rhomus Bohrel took his snake thing and went back to get a head of one of the angels we killed. The rest of hung out while he did this. Amber Nimblefingers decided to play with her spoons while we waited. Jericho, for some unknown reason, suddenly jumped up, grabbed one of the spoons, broke it in two and started running towards the door to the lava. Before he got there though he triggered some sort of trap and fell into a pit.

A few minutes later he appeared at the top of the pit looking a bit beat up and and tried the door to the lava. When it didn’t open, he tossed the spoon pieces into the pit and walked back to the group. Amber Nimblefingers was distraught and in tears. In her warped mind she viewed those spoons as her friends and was ready to jump into the pit to get the spoon back. As much as I find her annoying at times she is very useful at picking locks and disabling traps, so I couldn’t just let her dive into a pit. To help her out I gave her a potion of levitation and cast feather fall on her. She came out of the pit a few minutes later with her “friend”. By the looks she gave Jericho though I could see that their would be bad blood between them for a while. Soon after this little incident, Exordius started to glow so evidently this was part of the ritual to activate the sword. Only time will tell if it was worth it. Personally, if it wasn’t for his healing I would sneak up on Jericho as he slept and slit his throat. I find him to be as annoying if not more so than the kender.

Rhomus Bohrel came back with the angel head and that convinced the hags that we were on the same side, at least as far as the angels were concerned. They should us to their leader, Grelta. She also didn’t know anything about the Sacred Flame, however she did tell us that the next area was controlled by a necromancer named Lord Tarnatikas and agreed to escort us safely to the end of her domain. We told her that if we found anything useful about the demon lord we would let her know and then we settled in to rest up.

As I drifted off I wondered if these hags may have access to poisons. I do a decent amount of damage when I can flank someone but a little bit of poison could be useful.



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