The Dark Side

Finding My Item

Today we go the mission that I was waiting for – to recover my artifact. We were given a rock and told that it would lead us to some dragons that were gaurding mine and Amber’s artifacts. Amber of course wanted the rock as it glowed to show the way.

Soon after we were on our way we ran across a group of minotaurs. They packed quite a punch but we were able to put them down eventually. After we licked our wounds we headed out Kotanku to resupply before hitting the caves. Some of us resupplied and got ready for facing dragons. Amber on the other hand went to the tavern and stole a spoon, which she promptly named George.

The stone led us past the entrances of several large caves (if the entrance size matched up with dragon size I was very glad we bypassed those caves) and to an averaged sized one. When we entered the cave we were in a chamber with four tunnels heading off from it and two guards with dragon heads that didn’t look happy to see us. Amber started chatting them up right away but it didn’t help. In fact I think they were getting madder. They only solution was to fight, so fight we did. We got a nasty surprise though when one of them shot a lightning bolt out of his mouth. We were able to put the two of them down but at some point I must have got hit very hard on the head as suddenly I found myself waking up on the floor and the battle was done.

We started down the leftmost tunnel and had to go through several more guards, both normal and dragon headed, before we reached our first real dragon. We were able to take him down and found some good loot but not the artifacts so we headed onward. We found a hatchery with a small cave that we could hold up and rest in and that is what we did.

We set out again looking for a the artifacts. I scouted ahead trying to scope stuff out. However I tripped over a rock and made a bit too much noise. I came around the corner and there were six guards all lined up in formation. I quickly beat a retreat and reported back to the group. Instead of trying to find another way Amber decided to try and get them to follow her so we could ambush them. However all she got was a javelin in arm. After that we decided to try and circle around them.

As we went through the tunnels we heard what sounded like a young child up ahead (the kid calling out had nothing to do with me tripping over another rock). As we entered the room, there was a young boy jumping up and down on top of a pile of treasure and calling out to us. We encircled him and started asking questions trying to figure out what was going on. Something just didn’t seem right to me though. It was like he was talking a bit too loudly. I wanted to put an arrow in him but everyone complains I am too quick to attack so I decided to wait.

I regretted that decision a few second later when kid shifted into a dragon and the guards we had stumbled across earlier came out of the tunnel I was standing next to. Next time I shoot first and ask questions later. Anyway standing in front of six guards in a phalanx formation is not a good place to be. Rhomus summoned some sort of creature nearby to try and keep them busy but I was still not in a very good place. I managed to do some damage on a few of them but before I got get out of there everything went black and down I went. I came to just in time to help finish off the last of the guards and the dragon. This one had some good loot as well but once again no artifacts so we pushed on.

A short time later we came across a third dragon. The dragon took to the air right away. This made it very hard for us to attack him. We kept trying but nothing seemed to be able to touch him. Eventually though he must have gotten bored and came down to attack. Bad mistake on his part as once he was on ground we could actually attack him. A short time later the dragon was dead and Amber and I were holding our artifacts. Rhomus used some sort of spell to reanimate the three dead dragons and we flew back to the stronghold on them.



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