The Dark Side

Finish the Succubi

I wanted to push on but the casters said they had to rest. Typical casters, they have great spells but once they run out they are as helpless as a baby. So we had to sit around for 8 hrs waiting for them. Finally the casters were ready and we could push on.

Amber and I had to undo a couple of locks and then we were in an almost empty room. The only thing in the room were three human females. They were rather pathetic looking in their tattered rags but I suppose if they were cleaned up they could be decent sacrifices. They claimed that they were the missing sisters but I wasn’t sure. Jericho asked them some questions and said they were lying. He wasn’t sure about what but they were definitely lying.

I was all for just filling them full of arrows where they stood but my weak willed brethren wouldn’t hear of it. They thought we should free them. I at least convinced them that we should tie them up before we took them anywhere. First we decided to search the room though. So Amber and I searched the place and found a hidden door. Part way through though one of them jumped on me and planted a kiss on me. It was disgusting and I could feel some of the life drain from me. The women were the succubi. I knew we should have just killed them.

We immediately went after them but the started chanting and vanished before we could do any real damage. Worse yet as they left the center of the room started glowing. They summoned something. Before we knew it there was some sort of four legged demon with wings. It got our attention real fast but we dispatched it fairly easily. After it we went through the hidden door, determined to find those damned succubi.

We found them in the next room. They were laughing about our apparent demise but their laughter ended quickly as we set on them. One cast some sort of spell on Amber and set her off to feed the horses. I almost felt bad that we had to kill that one as I would love to learn how to do that. The kender is OK but sometimes it would be great if she would just shut up. One of the others then turned invisible and the other then turned into a troll. Suggestion girl then followed suit and turned into a medusa. It didn’t help them though as we still dispatched them fairly quickly. We then searched the place and found a few less lucky adventurers and their gear.

After the caster rested yet again, we set off for the BAA stronghold. On the way though we ran into a group of “horse” people. They looked like horses but walked on their hind legs and had some sort of hand / hoof hybrid on their front ones. They could tell right off that we were evil and attacked us. These guys were actually a lot tougher than the succubi. As I got around back of one to stab it he clobbered me and everything went blank. Next thing I knew the battle was done. Luckily though everyone, including me, was still breathing though somewhat beat up.

We made it back to the stronghold and reported to Tur-uk who seemed pleased with our success. He then took us to their diviner,Bal-Balah, who told us of the special objects the BAA had located for us. This what he told us:

  • Betalina Wittenberg – Brass Ruination – A greatsword reportedly used to kill brass dragons
  • Rhomus Bohrel – Caput Mortuum – A scythe used by followers of Nerull
  • Jericho – Merikel – A greatsword used by an arrogant solar named Merikel
  • Torrien – Sling of the Dire Wind – A sling whose ammo gets larger as it is launched
  • Me – Infiltrator – A mithril chain shirt used by a spy
  • Norris – Exordius – A longsword forged by a lich king
  • Amber Nimblefingers – Ghostfolly’s Gloves – Gloves used by a famous spy

Amber Nimblefingers’ and Torrien’s items are being held at a famous collector’s mansion. The Order of the Veil are guarding the items for Rhomus Bohrel, Jericho, and Norris. Betalina Wittenberg’s and mine are held by the Dragonguard of Kotanku and their dragon.

I was all for going after mine first. I mean hwo hard can it be to get it from a dragon? Invisibility potion on the way in, another after you grab the item and you are done. No muss no fuss. However everyone thought that would be way too hard so we decided to go after ones at the collector’s mansion first.

We will see. I just hope that chain shirt is worth it. By the time we get the other things I may already have something better.



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