The Dark Side

Lord Tarnakitas and Demons

After the room with the hceckerboard of pits we passed through several more rooms of undead. These undead were getting ratehr annoying so we let Amber Nimblefingers handle them all. Figured she could use some practice. Anyway we eventually wound up in a big room with a throne in the center of one wall and candleabras in the corners.

Amber Nimblefingers was the first in the room. In typical Amber fashion she didn’t just walk inot the room but rather rolled in and sprang up with a tada. On the throne was a skeletal type creature. Around him were several zombie minotaurs. I assumed the skeletal dude was the Lord Tarnatikas that we had heard about. He asked Amber who she was and what she was doing there. Amber and Lord Tarnatikas talked for a bit and her thought he would keep her permanently as she was rather amusing. Amber didn’t really like that idea.

Around that time the rest of us wandered into the room. The Lord took an instant shine to Jericho and wanted to keep him. Though instead of for amusement it sounded like he wanted to take over Jericho’s body. With that the battle was on. Lord Tarnatikas hit us with some sort of area spell and just about took us out with that one spell. I had all I could do to drink a healing potion and keep from passing out. At that point I know I thought about just taking off and leaving Jericho to his fate and I imagine a few others were thinking the same thing. However that would be letting that skeleton thing win and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

We all fanned out and started to take down the minotaurs. After a few minutes we had the minotaurs tied up in a bunch of black tentacles and Kird and Torrien (as some sort of bear) were grappling with Lord Tarnatikas. Lord Tarnatikas managed to paralyze Kird but we managed to take him and the rest of the zombies down before anyone could take advantage of the situation.

Lord Tarnatikas had a key ring on his body that opened up the adjoining rooms and some treasure chests. Amber Nimblefingers managed to trip a trap on one treasure chest though and filled one room with an acid fog. Luckily no one was badly hurt. In the room with the poison trap we found a picture of Lord Tarnatikas as a young man with a fancy sword. We found the sword from the picture in the trapped chest. It was jeweled and looked powerful but it also gave frightening images if picked up so we carefully put it in the treasure pile. Torrien liked the throne and had it mounted on Kird as a saddle for himself. We then proceeded off to the next part of the dungeon.

As we came to a room where four corridors joined, Amber Nimblefingers set off a trap that caused the floor to fall away. Luckily she jumped out of the way instead of falling in. In order to get everyone across Jericho had to cast airwalk on Kird and then we all used him to shuttle across. Using the map we found a secret door down the hallway that was hiding a magical halberd.

At the end of the hallway we found the other secret door and entered into a large round room with what looked like some sort of evil angel and two hell hounds. Her name was Sarnikyan and we tried to get her to help us find the Sacred Flame of Aragos but she was horrified that we had killed the angels and turned on us. We took down the hell hounds quickly but as soon as we started getting some damage on Sarnikyan she teleported away. We took what we could from the rooms and then set out again.

We explored a bit more but couldn’t find anything useful. Then Amber Nimblefingers opened a door and four Bearded Devils charged her. Besides doing regular damage their glaves also did some sort of infernal damage that just kept hurting as time went on and made healing extra hard. Eventually we figured out how to clean the wound of this infernal damage but not before it almost killed me.

As we were dealing with the devils Sarnikyan reappeared and went after Kird. Evidently she was the reason the devils charged us. As I was facing one of them I heard a noise behind me and suddenly a tiefling was trying to shove a dagger into my back. I beat a quick retreat back to the healer and then made short work of the tiefling while the rest finished off the devils.

Sarnikyan kept going after Kird and actually had him suspended in the air at one point. She kept flying back and forth across the room which made it hard to do anything. Finally she came to a stop just above me with Torrien in bat form on one side of her and Kird trying to get to her. I quickly scaled the wall right behind her and was able to get in a sneak attack that finished her off.

The tiefling was still slightly alive so we interrogated her to find out what was happening in the area. Her name was Narla and her and her entire band of tiefling adventurers had been captured by Sarnikyan and used to patrol these caverns. She was the last one left and her job was to make sure the traps stayed working. Sarnikyan was fallen angel and had wnated badly to return to being an angel. She had sent follower Ranveed off to find the sacred flame hoping that finding it would reinstate her. Ranveed has been gone for quite a while and there have been no reports of him or news of the flame.

We sped Narla onto her rest and then rested. Tomorrow we set out to continue looking for the flame. According to Narla there are more devils south of us and somewhere out there is the Ranveed looking for the flame as well.



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