The Dark Side

More Angels

So we awoke up after the big fight, healed our wounds as best we could and then set out to explore the rest of the dungeon. The first room was empty and yielded only some low level loot, the next was completely empty. The third however was anything but empty.

Working with Amber we were able to disable the locks and traps on the door. Then I pushed it open expecting it to be empty like the first two and found myself looking at two angels. Since I had no weapon out and was completely unprepared I backed up and let the others charge in. Once I got a chance to down a potion of Bull’s Strength and draw my swords I joined the fray. The angels turned out to be trumpet archons as one kept changing his sword into a trumpet and vice versa. When he blew the trumpet the first time I was suddenly frozen in place. It seemed like eternity but it was only a few moment and then I could move again. Just in time for him to blow it again and freeze me again. I unfroze just as the first one went down and then the second went down before I could actually get to it. The room had basically the same loot as the first one so really not worth the effort.

After what happened with the angels I made sure I was prepared as we approached the next door. I was all set for a battle when we opened the door. Unfortunately the room was empty. Completely empty. So much for being prepared.

We followed the corridor and came to a room with a large table in the center. The table appeared to have a map of the entire complex on it. This was exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately there was a large rather angry looking angel on the other side of the table. Amber and the sorcerer chick went into the room first. As soon as they got in though their was what felt like an earthquake and parts of the ceiling started falling on us. I managed to dodge it but the sorcerer and Torrien weren’t quite so quick and got stuck under the rubble. Unfortunately for Amber she was now alone in the room with the angel. The angel hit her with some sort of stun spell and down went Amber.

We helped getting the slow ones out from under their rubble piles and went after the angel. She was far away so I turned invisible and started moving around to flank her. Torrien and Kerd went righter him but after a short time the angel stunned Kird just like she had stunned Amber. I managed to get behind her and got in a few good whacks. Unfortunately she moved towards the stunned Kird so I couldn’t get in there and flank her.

About this time I noticed a small hallway nearby and decided to move towards it to block off her escape. With the battle raging I didn’t have time to check for traps though. Bad idea. As soon as I stepped into the hallway some sort of trap went off and everything went black and silent. When site and sound finally came back the angel was down and Rhomus was standing over the body. Evidently when the trap went off he just charged in and set off a negative energy burst. Pretty gutsy but it worked.

We grabbed a key off of the dead angel and went through the door at the end of the hallway. On the other side of the door was what was obviously the angel’s office. It was painted to give the impression of being outdoors. Judging by the others reactions it was pretty good. I though far prefer the underground to the outdoors. We went through the office and came up with some sort of shiny feathered shield. It was obviously masterwork but besides that we wouldn’t really tell much about it.

After we finished looting the office we settled in for a rest. Most of us were pretty beat up and the magic users had to recharge their spells. We have a map of the dungeon now though so that at least should make the rest of the dungeon easier and less deadly to navigate.



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