The Dark Side

More Artifacts

Soon after returning from the dragons, I investigated my new armor and found out all sorts of details about it. It is called Infiltrator and has a number of special qualities I can unlock. To unlock the first set I needed to find some secret info. I managed to get to some cool info doing so:

-Garryl was abandoned by his father. Take in by Adadon (highest ranking member in citadel). He is allowed to stay in Citadel as long as he serves the Citadel. His deepest fear is being put out of the Citadel and being forced to fend for himself.

-Adadon is slowly gaining transformation into a devil. Upon death he will go to the Outer Planes and work through the devil chain of command. He is trying to work a deal with the demons (associating with them frowned upon by devils), thinking that if they can combine forces they can take over the Material Plane.

-Weakest link in the Citadel command structure is Zamanni. He is consistently mocked by his fellow members of the council, mostly because he is a cultist of Levistist (devil locked in ice and thus powerless). Zamanni is in charge of assassinations.

After finding out this info I meditated on Infiltrator for a day and suddenly I had access to its powers. Soon after this we were called into Bal-Balah’s office and told the location of team’s remaining artifacts and that there was another mission at the same place.

The place was an Order of the Veil prison that was holding the artifacts and a demon lord. Besides our artifacts there a powerful one that we were to recover for the citadel but we had to do so without freeing the demon lord. Bal-Balah gave us 6000gp apiece to get outfitted for the mission. Just how hard was this going to be that he thought we needed an extra 6k worth of equipment each?

After we got all of our gear, Torrien’s took 15 days!, Bal-Balah teleported us to just outside the prison. I crept in ahead to scout the area. I was being really careful to not be heard but didn’t look for traps. Bad idea. I hadn’t gotten too far inside the door when suddenly I noticed the ceiling falling and I dove out of the way. A large spiked grate had come out of the ceiling and would have flattened me, if my reflexes weren’t so quick.

In the next room there were several hound-arcons waiting for us and they didn’t look to happy. We fought our way into the room and as we were putting down the first group what appeared to be a trophy case opened on the side wall and more of them came at us. Again we were able to put them down but we got pretty banged up doing it.

One the room was cleared we went through the trophy case entrance and into a corridor with three doors. The first one contained Norris’s sword, the second was simply a barracks, the third had Bet’s sword. Both artifact rooms were heavily trapped and locked but Amber was able to get through them with ease.

After the corridor we came to a room with some sort of winged snake in the middle and an ancient angel on a throne to one side. We tried to talk the snake into a allying with us but he was having none of it. Jericho and I managed to get into a side corridor and opened a hidden door only to find that it opened onto a river of lava. I decided to turn invisible and try to get by the snake but it didn’t work too well. I was barely half way to the other exit when the snake heard me and all hell broke loose.

More hound arcons came into the room and the snake turned invisible. Kind of hard to hit an invisible snake. We did what we could but there wasn’t much to do until the snake came back or the arcons engaged us. Norris goaded the snake into showing itself by going after the angel and nearly paid for it with his life. After a hard fought battle and lots of healing potions / spells we were able to defeat them all.

We then proceeded through the far door and found a hallway just like the previous one, traps, artifacts and all. Only this time Rhomus and Jericho found there artifacts. At the end of the hallway was another entry type room with more arcons, which we of course took down.

After soem searching we stumbled onto a room with two angels. Not a good thing to do when most of our spells and abilities were wasted. We set on them but they were so hard to hit that it looked almost impossible. Gerd was taken down rather easy, though Terried was able to get to him in time to move him to a new body. It looked bad, especially after Rhomus fell but suddenly luck turned our way and we able to finish them off.

So that is where we find ourselves as I write this entry. Knee deep in our own and angelic blood hoping to rest up before looking for the Citadel’s artifact in this accursed jail.



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