The Dark Side

Sydicate Log Entry Two

We rested. A full eight hours waiting for the casters to recover, it had better be worth it. We were finally ready to proceed. The next door revealed an empty room, well almost empty. Three girls sat huddling in a corner. They were just wearing rags and looked rather scared of us. They identified themselves as the sisters that had gone missing when the succubi showed up. I almost believed that they weren’t the succubi, almost. The others tried to question them, and we decided on tying them up and hauling them back to town. One of them got excited and kissed Ghauntree, she sucked some of the life right out of him. The girls were the succubi, I was shocked. Completely shocked.

They began to chant together, we tried to stop them. I charged and cut one pretty hard, only to have it instantly heal as all three of them teleported away. They left a creature behind, a big vulture person looking thing. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it put up a good fight, resting was probably the smart move. In the end we brought the thing down, it vanished as all summoned things must do. That just left the succubi yet. A quick search of the room revealed a secret door.

The door led to another room, within were the three succubi laughing away as if they had just pulled the biggest joke in the world. We entered and simply asked ‘What’s so funny?’ They stopped laughing, it was our turn. We charged, they stood and fought. Bad choice on their part. One did suggest that Amber go check on the horses and she hurried off to comply. I need to figure out how she did that. Regardless, it wasn’t an easy fight; one turned into an ogre, one turned into a medusa and the other simply vanished. We had to two visible ones down before Amber returned. She joined back into the fray and we finished the job. Tur-uk better be happy.

On the way back we ran into something you don’t see everyday, horse-men of some sort. Not centaurs mind you, equinals or something like that I think Tur-uk called them later when we told him about them. I during the fight I finally got tired of these outsiders and corrupted my sword. If only I had a permanently tainted weapon. Tur-uk did talk about items for us. Hmmm…

We returned to the citadel, the same pulled showed us the way back once we wanted it to. The group split up once we were back inside. Some went down to see the armorer and enchanter while I and some others went to report in to Tur-uk. He seemed pleased with our progress. It was time for us to go see another of the council, Bal-Balah. Bal-Balah has the most interesting chambers, as Tur-uk’s was decorated in trophies, this one was pure books. He told us of the treasures that we would seek. A legandary evil blade awaits me, Exordius. Excellent. Most excellent.



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