The Dark Side

The Demon Lord

After finishing of Sarnikyan and hearing Narla’s tale we continued to push on through the dungeon. We saw several hell hounds but with their mistress dead they lost their desire to fight and just stood off in the shadows growling but not attacking. We came across a secret door leading to the private chambers of Sir Ranveed. We were able to avoid a fight by some quick talking and managed to convince him that we were allies. He said that he believed that the sacred flame was across the river of lava but he had no way to cross it. He left him and proceeded south.

As we came out of the tunnels we entered in to a large rubble filed that bordered the lava river. We started searching the rubble for treasure but instead found an earth elemental. After a protracted and bloody battle we were able to put it down and we searched the rubble again but found nothing. With nothing else to do on the northern bank we used airwalk on Kird to cross over to what looked like a small fortress on an island in the middle of the lava river.

It was indeed a small fortress and its walls were protected by magic – which I found out about the hard-way. I tried to climb the wall to see what was on top and got a nasty case of frost bite for it. Amber Nimblefingers was able to pick the lock and we swung the door open. Only to be greeted by a crossbow bolt thudding into the door casing. The fortress was inhabited by a wild elf named Aramnan. He wasn’t too excited about visitors but again a little fast talking and we were able to convince him we could be allies. He wanted to expand his domain but Sarnikyan stood in his way and he wasn’t powerful enough to defeat her. He wanted us to recover a rod his dead lover lost in the area of the earth elemental. We didn’t let on that we had killed both Sarnikyan and the earth elemental already and made a deal for the rod. We bring him the rod and he gives us 10000 gp, a place to rest and provides info about the area.

So we went back and found the rod. It took a bunch of digging but we were finally able to find it and bring it back to Aramnan. He gave us the money and offered us transport across the lava river. I let him know that Sarnikyan was already dead and he was quite pleased. He gave us info on the demons (led by a triumvirate) to the south and said that he would bring us help when it was time to face the demon lord.

The first room we entered after crossing the river was the abode of Lord Gwarny’z – a hezrou demon and second in command. As soon as we walked in he hit us with multiple chaos hammers and everything went black for me. Luckily Jericho was right there and healed me up. Unfortunately I was slowed from the spell so I wasn’t too much help in that one but the team was still able to take him down fairly quickly.

Rounding the corner we entered another hall like the first and came across Lord Glebshayy and a couple of minions. Lord Glebshavy was a glabrezu demon and the head of the triumvirate. He had two vrocks flanking him and as soon as we entered combat all three of them cast some sort of mirror spell which created false images. This made them even harder to hit than normal as we had a chance of hitting the image instead of them. At this point Norris and Betalina Wittenberg showed up. They had gotten separated back when we were fighting angels and were feared lost. Evidently they got stuck on this side of the lava looking for us.

I used a greater invisibility potion and went after on of the vrocks. I must remember to get more of these potions. My invisibility doesn’t go away after attacking and even though my adversary knows where I hit them from they still can’t see me so it makes it much harder for them to land an attack.

With the extra manpower and my invisibility we were able to take the demons down and proceeded down the hallway to find Lord Glebshavy’s treasure and torture rooms. In the treasure room there wer large piles of gold and gems and the Sacred Flame of Aranos. Amber Nimblefingers got a little too excited in trying to get it and slipped up disabling the trap. A huge gout of flame shot from the ceiling and toasted her. Luckily she dodged most of it and was just a little toasty. On the second try she was able to get the flame without being roasted. In the torture room we found two angels that we were able to free (again after a gout of flame from the ceiling). The angels agreed to help us kill the demon lord and after clearing the rest of the area we joined them back in the room with Cyrlebrai. There we rested and then set out to conquer the center island. Our goal was to clear it before dealing with the dome itself.

We first land on the South East corner of the island. Right off we ran into a retriever demon. He really wasn’t that hard to take down but just as he as falling a spider like bebilith demon showed up. This was Lord Nasherbiz, the third member of the triumvirate. he was bit smarted than the retriever and refused to enter the room and let us surround him. He stayed in the intersection of two corridors so that he could maneuver and as soon as we started to charge him he retreated back to his lair so that he had more room to maneuver.

Before retreating though he was able to web Rhomus Bohrel in place. Jericho stayed behind while teh rest of us took off in pursuit. By the time Jericho was able to free Rhomus Bohrel and catch up to the rest of us, we had the demon cornered and he soon thereafter. After dealing with the last of the triumvirate we cleared the rest of the eastern side and started heading to the western side by going around the southern edge of the dome.

As we neared the southern most edge of the dome we stumbled upon a veritable army of small demons (dretches I believe) being overseen by a marilith. Some of went after the small demons while the rest went after the marilith. At first we didn’t think much about the marilith but then the demon grabbed Therien, who was in bear form, and rendered him unconscious. That woke everyone up real quick and attention was focused on the marilith. Rhomus Bohrel used a tentacles spell to deal with the majority of the small demons and Amber Nimblefingers and Betalina Wittenberg dealt with the ones he missed. The rest of us set to dealing with the marilith and rescuing Therrien. With all of su surrounding here she didn’t have a chance and went down before she could render anyone else unconscious. We were able to wake Therrien up just before the marilith went down.

Just after the marilith fell we heard a loud crackling and the dome suddenly collapsed. Evidently the demons had recovered the Sacred Flame and killed Cyrlebrai. So ready or not it was it was time for the final battle. Before we entered the dome an angel called out to us that only some of us could enter safely. Evidently there were traps across the floor of the dome that would attack anyone of evil alignment. The neutrals among us walked in while Rhomus Bohrel created a path for the rest of us to reach the center by dispelling the traps. Before we made it half way to the middle the cocoon in the middle cracked upon and out came two demons and Lord Krasveshk himself. The demon lord grabbed the angel and shot off into the air leaving only the other two demons to deal with.

One of them was a hezrou and he immediately unleashed a chaos hammer that left me slowed for five rounds. Betalina Wittenberg was able to draw him out of the dispelled area and he set off several traps. Therrien’s summoned rhino was then able to charge and finish him off. The rest of us ganged up on the other demon and took him down. We didn’t have much time to rest after finishing off the two demons though. No sooner had the last one hit the ground then mangled body of the angel cratered into the ground. He was followed by the demon lord himself who inverted gravity under the rhino and sent it flying towards the roof of the dome. Luckily Therrien thought to dismiss the rhino. The idea of a rhino slamming into the ground from 300’ feet up really didn’t appeal to me. Even if the shock of the impact didn’t knock us flat, the idea of being covered in rhino bits wasn’t very appealing.

The demon lord stayed out of the dispelled area so it was hard for most of us to get to him. Norris tried charging across the dome floor to hit him and wound deaf and blind for his efforts. Just as I was about to try jumping and landing on him he suddenly flew up and hovered nearby. Thinking this would be the perfect time to sneak attack him from below since I was invisible I stepped under him and took my shot. Much to my surprise he revealed that he could see me all along and just brushed off the arrow. Tegz was able to hit him with a couple of shivering touches though and rendered him helpless. I got knocked sideways by the falling demon and was all set to finish him off with my bow when Kird charged in and did the job for me. A little disconcerting to see one monkey kill another but at least he was dead and we could rest now.

Our allies had taken quite a beating during the fight dealing with the demon hordes trying to get to their lord. Only two of the angels were left and Aramnan had lost all of his newly conquered subject but still had his faithful nightmare mount. We went back to Cyrlebrai’s chamber and found him dead with the sacred flame just lying on the floor nearby. Evidently the demons were content with just taking down the prison and didn’t care about the flame. We grabbed it and headed for home.



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