The Dark Side


We left Grelta and started heading towards Lord Tarnatikas’ area. We entered into a dark area and several of the party members complained about not being able to see. Being a member of the superior race I however was able to see just fine. What I saw was about two dozen zombies shambling towards us. They didn’t look overly hard but there were a lot of them.

I waded in to attack and found that my sword was not overly useful. Evidently being undead meant they were resistant to piercing. I guess it has to do with lack any real vital parts. Probably also means that my sneak attack won’t do much good. My crystal of cold also seemed to be ineffective. Jericho didn’t seem to have nay trouble doing damage though so I guess slashing stuff affects them just fine. Amber Nimblefingers tried bluffing a couple but it was just so she could steal from them while fighting not to get a sneak attack. Teegz Illa dimension doored herself and Kird to the other side of the undead horde and wiped out the majority of them.

Once we had finished off the zombies we consulted the map and saw that the side corridor simply circled around the main room and joined again up ahead. So I said that we should just proceed straight ahead. Some of the others though thought that we should go the long way. I just shook my head and headed straight ahead. What do you know they joined me at the intersection a few minutes later. What a bunch of idiots!!

We crossed through the next door and found ourselves facing six large undead monsters with six eyes and unnaturally long arms. We went at them but once again my swords weren’t doing much and the cold crystal did nothing. I decided to try fire, so I activated the gauntlets and swapped ice for fire. The fire went through but after a few attacks, the gauntlets were out of charges. Teegz once again dimension doored to the center and roasted things. After a few more rounds we took the last of them down and could proceed.

Next room, six more large undead. This time though they were ogres and appeared to have a chief sitting on a throne across the room and wearing some sort of bear skin. I was out of charges in the gauntlets and figured I would just have to poke away with my short swords. Ogres though have large clubs and I really didn’t want to get close and be able to do little to no damage. Teegz solved my problem though as she dimension doored to the far side of the room and took me with her. This was great as it allowed me to go up the wall and use my bow. I could do about the same damage as with the swords but I only got two attacks at a time. On the plus side though I was pretty much out of reach for attacks and that was a really big plus. Even though there were six of them and they were large it didn’t take long to take them down. Mostly because of Teegz, Jericho and Kird but I did my share. Rhomus Bohrel managed to control one of them an used him against his former allies so now we had a meat shield in the group. Also somehow in teh middle of the battle Amber Nimblefingers manged to activate her gloves and was suddenly able to claw at monsters with them.

Besides the way we came in there was only one other door in the room so we followed it. What do you know another six large undead monsters. Ogres again this time though they didn’t have any sort of leader with them. This battle went pretty much like the last one. Jericho, the controlled ogre, Kird and Torrien (in polar bear form) charged in the front. Teegz grabbed the rest of us and dimension doored to the far comer. I went up the wall to shoot things and Amber Nimblefingers charged in slashing with her gloves. After one good whack for the zombie ogres though she decided it was better to hang back a bit. Anyway after just a few attacks, couldn’t have been much more than 30 seconds, the zombies were down and we were liking our wounds.

There were two other doors out of this room, so Amber Nimblefingers and I consulted the map. It looked like one dead ended so that would be a good one to hold up in for the night. We were all either beat up or out of spells at this point so it was time to rest. I checked the door for traps and found none, so Amber Nimblefingers unlocked the door and I went in. The room was empty except for a large, obviously expensive painting so I took my time searching for traps.

I was spending too much time right in front of me though I guess as I failed to see the trap just to my side, which I tripped when my foot slipped sideways. Next thing I knew I was falling down a deep pit. Normally I would have used feather fall to stop this but I had used my last spell saving the kender from her fall. I was just starting to curse the kender when I hit the bottom and felt a sharp pain. I had manged to hit a spike in the bottom of the pit and of course it was poisoned. I could feel the strength drain from me as it took hold.

I managed to drag myself out of the pit and flopped on the floor between a couple of pits. Evidently whatever trap I had tripped had opened a checker board of pits in the room. Evidently my “friends” had found my fall rather amusing and Amber Nimblefingers had taken the time to remove the painting from the wall instead of seeing if I was OK. Nice to see how concerned everyone is for another team member. Maybe I won’t let them now where the next trap is that I find. Anyway Jericho finally agreed to heal me up after the poison had run its course. Initially he wanted me to pay for his spell components. We had to remind him that any expenses short of curing death come out of the party fund. These damn casters! There job is to cast spells to help us, yet they want everyone to pay for their expenses. If the party has to pay for their components maybe the party should pay for my arrows or poisons?

Anyway it is time to rest up now. Looking at the map, there is a large room only a couple of rooms away. That is probably where we will find Lord Taarnatikas. Hopefully he can direct us to the sacred flame and we can get out of this damn dungeon. We have a ton of loot but it can’t do us any good until we can get back to the base.



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