Ghauntree Oussurden

A half-drow rogue that wants to be a full Drow and is willing to do anything to earn Lolth's favor


Ghauntree’s story starts before his birth. His mother, Vlathara Oussurden, was a priestess of Lolth and was selected to lead a raid on the surface elves. At first everything appeared to going great. They had killed a group of about 20 evil elves without more than a few scratches and then returned to the cave to wait and see the sun rise. Lolth was surely pleased with their work. Vlathara stayed at the cave entrance longer than the others to show that she was stronger and could handle the searing pain better. She waited so long that all but the cleric had gone through when she turned from the entrance. That was when everything went wrong.

The Drow raiding party had been spotted and a group had been raised to pursue and destroy them. The party would arrived to late if Vlathara had not stayed at the cave entrance. An elven ranger saw her and loosed an arrow. It took Vlathara in the back and sent her tumbling from the cave mouth. The rest of the party charged the cave and arrived just in time to see the cleric vanish through the wall. The arrow and fall had not killed Vlathara so they took her prisoner.

Instead of killing her though they decided to teach her a lesson. A magical collar was placed on her to deny her her powers and she was sold into slavery. He new master was cruel, and beat and raped her repeatedly. Eventually she became pregnant. Her first thought was to kill the abomination that she bore but Drow are slow to reproduce and she may need a sacrifice to Lolth later so she let him live. She named him Ghauntree – accursed outcast / exile.

The next few years were a constant torment for Vlathara. Her beatings continued but after giving birth to Ghauntree their master found prettier and younger slaves to rape (at least most of the time). Vlathara endured it all and kept waiting for her chance to escape. She made sure that Ghauntree learned Undercommon and the Drow sign language as well as the standard common and Elven that surface dwellers spoke.

As Ghauntree neared his 6th birthday Vlathara felt the collar begin to weaken. Slowly she could start to use some of her magic again. First just a few simple spells but they increased in power over time. She made sure to keep up the pretense of being a docile slave though. She didn’t want anyone to investigate and replace the collar. Over the course of a year her powers grew while the collar faded until one day its power was gone completely. That night she made her move. She crept into the master’s chamber and killed him and his wife. She took what she could carry for supplies and her and Ghauntree set off into the dark.

Once the supplies gave out they lived off the land but eventually they found a passage back into the Underdark and made their way back to Dusklyngh. It had been over 10 years since the raiding party had set out and everyone had given Vlathara up for dead. Her return was shocking and she was hailed as a returning hero. Her story and her fame grew with each retelling. House Oussurden must surely favored for her to have returned after so long a time.

Ghauntree was not so lucky. He was as her mother named him – accursed and outcast. At first the Matron Mother thought to sacrifice him to Lolth but for she stayed her hand. There was no need for a sacrifice at this time and the boy showed some potential. He was handed over to the weapons master and trained to be a soldier in House Oussurden’s army. Of course if a sacrifice was ever needed he would be available.

Ghauntree was not very good as a front line soldier but he showed remarkable aptitude with the more subtle aspects of fighting. So he was sent off to the assassin’s academy to perfect his natural skills. As a half-breed he would make the perfect assassin. He wanted to prove himself to his house but if he failed he could easily be disavowed and disowned without any loss of face.

Ghauntree took naturally to this life and dis his best to earn Lolth’s favor. His greatest hope was that one day he would please her enough that she would grant him the powers of a full blooded Drow. Around his 30th birthday though everything went wrong. House Oussurden fell out of favor with Lolth and a lower house decided to remove them. Ghauntree was on patrol at the time and a member of the lower house got the drop on him.

He woke up to find himself bound and being dragged through the Underdark. It was not enough for his enemy to kill him. He wanted to punish him for his arrogance. A half-breed trying to act like a drow! He had decided to feed him to the driders. Ghauntree worked on his bonds as he was being dragged and was able to free his hands but what could he do? He was unarmed and could not see as well as a normal drow. There was no way he could escape simply by running away.

Ghauntree could use his eyes to his advantage though. He didn’t suffer from the light blindness of normal drow so he always carried a small flash bomb with him. He was still unarmed though so he would only get once chance at this. As the drow went to toss him into the drider pit he set off his flash bomb, temporarily blinding the drow and causing him to drop his sowrd. Before the Drow could recover Ghauntree tripped him and sent him flying into the drider pit. He then picked up the drow’s dropped short sword and made his way back to town.

When Ghauntree made it back to Dusklyngh though he found that the rest of his house had not been so lucky. He alone appeared to have survived. Had he been a full blooded drow his survival alone could have been enough to condemn the lower house to failure and extermination. However he was a half-breed and his word carried no weight. If he showed his face he would be cut down without anyone giving it a second thought. His only hope of survival was exile.

As a half-breed the other drow he would be treated as a pariah in any drow city and the wilds of the underdark were too dangerous of him to survive for long on his won. His only chance was to make for the surface. There he could possibly survive and he could continue to work on earning Lolth’s favor by killing the evil heathens that lived there. He didn’t know the way but he wouldn’t get there by simply standing there so off he set.

Ghauntree lost track of time as he wandered the underdark looking for a way to the surface. He killed what he could for his food and preyed on any traveling parties he could. If they were small enough he killed them outright and took everything he could use. If they were larger he would sneak in and steal what he could. How long he lived this way he had no clue. It could have been months or just as easily years. By the time he finally made the surface he looked like a wild animal. His clothes were ragged, his hair and beard untrimmed. His weapons were whatever he had scrounged off his victims and were in as bad a shape as he himself.

Soon after he emerged on the surface he came across a small isolated homestead. He watched it during the day and saw that it was a human couple and their young child. This would be his first offering to Loth. That night he crept into the house and found the couple in their bed. At first he was simply going to kill them but seeing them in their bed brought back memories of all that he and his mother had gone through while they were slaves. He bound and gagged the parents and made them watch as he grabbed the child by its feet, swung it like a sack and bashed it heads open against the mantle. He scooped up the brain matter smeared it across the parents face. He then ungagged the mother and raped and abused her repeatedly while reveling in her screams. Eventually she passed out but he kept going until his frenzy was spent. He then gathered what supplies he needed from the homestead before returning to the bedchamber and setting the it ablaze. After all he couldn’t have anyone finding the scene and sending out search parties.

The woman’s screams finally ended as he crested a nearby hill though the fire was still burning brightly. Ghauntree was sure that a few more offerings like this and Lolth would grant his wish and give him the powers of a full blooded drow. Then he could return and take his rightful place in drow society.

Ghauntree Oussurden

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