A most hospitable wererat just happy to be in the service and safety of such great evil


Infamous around the citadel for being a huge gossip, Hagman is tasked with looking after the wing in which the party is quartered. Hagman is a tall and very skinny human with a thin mustache and very short black hair. He’s well groomed but dresses modestly. His teeth show more than usual as his lips seem pulled back. In rat form, he has a very shiny pitch black fur coat. He enjoys finding (and creating) holes in the walls so he can gather more and more gossip. On a daily basis, Hagman cleans the beds and makes sure the wing is tidy and organized. If the party is away, Hagman is there to receive messages and to inform those looking for the party with their whereabouts. Hagman is always looking to hear about the gossip from outside the citadel. Any interesting stories from the cities nearby make him very excited.



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