Betalina Wittenberg

A blade loving mercenary with a sharp sword and light fingers.


She’s technically a class that the Unearthed Arcana book calls a thug, but she’ll deck you if you call her that. Bet prefers the term “Mercenary”.

STR 18
DEX 15
CON 14
INT 12
CHA 12

Fort 6
Ref 3
Will 0

HP: 41
AC: 17 (touch 12; flat 15)
Initiative: 2

Bluff 10
Gather Info 10
Handle Animal 4
Knowledge (Local) 9
Ride 8
Sleight of Hand 10

Power Attack
Urban Tracking
Combat Reflexes
Great Cleave


She is called Bet. Not Betalina. Not Beta. Not Betty. Not Talina. Not Lina. And definitely not Bettina. But if you want to call her Wit, she’s good with that, too. Wittenberg isn’t awful, but she finds it cumbersome to even listen to, nevermind say. She’s a firm believer that no one’s name should be more than one syllable, and will adjust the names of anyone she does not want to see dead accordingly. It is, after all, much easier to say ‘Tav, move!’ than ‘Tavarius Minipuluous, move!’ and far less likely that Tav will get impaled by a javelin that way. If she persists in referring to a person by the longest possible form of his name, he should probably watch his back carefully.

She’s not evil. Well, not in her own eyes; the law of the land and some clerics and paladins may think otherwise, but that’s all just a very unfortunate misunderstanding. See, some people have this pesky little dislike of killing, stealing, and extortion that she just does not understand. She isn’t some kind of sick sadistic psychopath who likes to bathe in blood or whatever the latest rage among villains is. She doesn’t go around murdering, robbing, and intimidating people for fun.

She gets paid for it. It’s a very lucrative business. Whoever said crime didn’t pay didn’t know what they were talking about.

But under normal circumstances, she considers herself cheerful, pleasant, and even kind. She attends whatever the Church happens to be nearby when she can, and she even gives a few coppers to street orphans. She’s not heartless. (Plus, well, the good guards don’t usually arrest people in churches, so that’s a safe place to hide when they’re getting too close. And if they see you giving money to poor kids, they think they might be wrong about their suspicions about you.) She doesn’t hate anybody, she’s generally slow to anger and reasonably tolerant of most people (provided, of course, that they refrain from calling her anything other than Bet or Wit, and they keep their hands off her and her things), and she isn’t normally even violent unless threatened (threatened, of course, has a situational definition). Heck, some of her best friends were town guards (Gods knew she paid them enough to be).

She just happens to have a particular talent for killing, and lying, and stealing, and looming (a 5’11" woman could certainly loom – and, admittedly, she did like looming for fun even when she wasn’t getting paid for it), so it made sense to go into a line of work that gave her an opportunity to do all of those things. And if she jealously loves her falchion a little more than is strictly rational (nobody touches Bet’s Blade and lives), or if she feels more lust at the sight of a gleaming blade than a handsome man, that means nothing. It doesn’t make her evil.

It’s all just a terrible misunderstanding.

She’s a good person. Honest. She wouldn’t lie to you.

Betalina Wittenberg

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