Rhomus Bohrel

A dread necromancer who's vastly devoted to mastering the power of the undead... even if that means becoming one.


Rhomus Bohrel is a human dread necromancer who was raised in a very small village to the west of the human city of Squanamagonic. His parents were good clerics of Pelor and were devoted to healing the ill, performing rituals for the newly departed, and destroying all forms of undead. Rhomus learned much about religion and magic by watching his parents, but he became curious about the power that would allow the dead to come back to life. What great power it must have been, why must it be destroyed? He began to dabble in it secretly. He wanted to learn more about it. He wanted the power. Eventually his parents caught on. They were furious with him but conflicted with what to do. He was their son, but at the same time, he had to be destroyed. In their indecision, they didn’t notice that Rhomus had already started running.

The more Rhomus studies the art of necromancy, the further his body begins to mimic the undead and, somehow, strengthen while in the presence of negative energy. At a young age, he came in contact with the walking dead. Because of this, healing magic is reversed for himself. The undead taint in his body leaves a slightly unpleasant smell around him which he’s made sure to counteract by learning to disguise himself. He also understands the social issues of walking around with any undead under his control. Disguises will fix that problem as well. Although he wishes to remain unnoticed while around society, he’s no helpless practitioner of magic. He wears a custom built mithral breastplate and wields a greatsword. He’s not afraid to stand toe-to-toe on the front line. He’s well armored, well armed, his body provides damage reduction from melee weapons, and his negative energy spells serve not only to harm his enemies, but heal himself as well.

Rhomus Bohrel

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