The Dark Side

Lord Tarnakitas and Demons

After the room with the hceckerboard of pits we passed through several more rooms of undead. These undead were getting ratehr annoying so we let Amber Nimblefingers handle them all. Figured she could use some practice. Anyway we eventually wound up in a big room with a throne in the center of one wall and candleabras in the corners.

Amber Nimblefingers was the first in the room. In typical Amber fashion she didn’t just walk inot the room but rather rolled in and sprang up with a tada. On the throne was a skeletal type creature. Around him were several zombie minotaurs. I assumed the skeletal dude was the Lord Tarnatikas that we had heard about. He asked Amber who she was and what she was doing there. Amber and Lord Tarnatikas talked for a bit and her thought he would keep her permanently as she was rather amusing. Amber didn’t really like that idea.

Around that time the rest of us wandered into the room. The Lord took an instant shine to Jericho and wanted to keep him. Though instead of for amusement it sounded like he wanted to take over Jericho’s body. With that the battle was on. Lord Tarnatikas hit us with some sort of area spell and just about took us out with that one spell. I had all I could do to drink a healing potion and keep from passing out. At that point I know I thought about just taking off and leaving Jericho to his fate and I imagine a few others were thinking the same thing. However that would be letting that skeleton thing win and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

We all fanned out and started to take down the minotaurs. After a few minutes we had the minotaurs tied up in a bunch of black tentacles and Kird and Torrien (as some sort of bear) were grappling with Lord Tarnatikas. Lord Tarnatikas managed to paralyze Kird but we managed to take him and the rest of the zombies down before anyone could take advantage of the situation.

Lord Tarnatikas had a key ring on his body that opened up the adjoining rooms and some treasure chests. Amber Nimblefingers managed to trip a trap on one treasure chest though and filled one room with an acid fog. Luckily no one was badly hurt. In the room with the poison trap we found a picture of Lord Tarnatikas as a young man with a fancy sword. We found the sword from the picture in the trapped chest. It was jeweled and looked powerful but it also gave frightening images if picked up so we carefully put it in the treasure pile. Torrien liked the throne and had it mounted on Kird as a saddle for himself. We then proceeded off to the next part of the dungeon.

As we came to a room where four corridors joined, Amber Nimblefingers set off a trap that caused the floor to fall away. Luckily she jumped out of the way instead of falling in. In order to get everyone across Jericho had to cast airwalk on Kird and then we all used him to shuttle across. Using the map we found a secret door down the hallway that was hiding a magical halberd.

At the end of the hallway we found the other secret door and entered into a large round room with what looked like some sort of evil angel and two hell hounds. Her name was Sarnikyan and we tried to get her to help us find the Sacred Flame of Aragos but she was horrified that we had killed the angels and turned on us. We took down the hell hounds quickly but as soon as we started getting some damage on Sarnikyan she teleported away. We took what we could from the rooms and then set out again.

We explored a bit more but couldn’t find anything useful. Then Amber Nimblefingers opened a door and four Bearded Devils charged her. Besides doing regular damage their glaves also did some sort of infernal damage that just kept hurting as time went on and made healing extra hard. Eventually we figured out how to clean the wound of this infernal damage but not before it almost killed me.

As we were dealing with the devils Sarnikyan reappeared and went after Kird. Evidently she was the reason the devils charged us. As I was facing one of them I heard a noise behind me and suddenly a tiefling was trying to shove a dagger into my back. I beat a quick retreat back to the healer and then made short work of the tiefling while the rest finished off the devils.

Sarnikyan kept going after Kird and actually had him suspended in the air at one point. She kept flying back and forth across the room which made it hard to do anything. Finally she came to a stop just above me with Torrien in bat form on one side of her and Kird trying to get to her. I quickly scaled the wall right behind her and was able to get in a sneak attack that finished her off.

The tiefling was still slightly alive so we interrogated her to find out what was happening in the area. Her name was Narla and her and her entire band of tiefling adventurers had been captured by Sarnikyan and used to patrol these caverns. She was the last one left and her job was to make sure the traps stayed working. Sarnikyan was fallen angel and had wnated badly to return to being an angel. She had sent follower Ranveed off to find the sacred flame hoping that finding it would reinstate her. Ranveed has been gone for quite a while and there have been no reports of him or news of the flame.

We sped Narla onto her rest and then rested. Tomorrow we set out to continue looking for the flame. According to Narla there are more devils south of us and somewhere out there is the Ranveed looking for the flame as well.


We left Grelta and started heading towards Lord Tarnatikas’ area. We entered into a dark area and several of the party members complained about not being able to see. Being a member of the superior race I however was able to see just fine. What I saw was about two dozen zombies shambling towards us. They didn’t look overly hard but there were a lot of them.

I waded in to attack and found that my sword was not overly useful. Evidently being undead meant they were resistant to piercing. I guess it has to do with lack any real vital parts. Probably also means that my sneak attack won’t do much good. My crystal of cold also seemed to be ineffective. Jericho didn’t seem to have nay trouble doing damage though so I guess slashing stuff affects them just fine. Amber Nimblefingers tried bluffing a couple but it was just so she could steal from them while fighting not to get a sneak attack. Teegz Illa dimension doored herself and Kird to the other side of the undead horde and wiped out the majority of them.

Once we had finished off the zombies we consulted the map and saw that the side corridor simply circled around the main room and joined again up ahead. So I said that we should just proceed straight ahead. Some of the others though thought that we should go the long way. I just shook my head and headed straight ahead. What do you know they joined me at the intersection a few minutes later. What a bunch of idiots!!

We crossed through the next door and found ourselves facing six large undead monsters with six eyes and unnaturally long arms. We went at them but once again my swords weren’t doing much and the cold crystal did nothing. I decided to try fire, so I activated the gauntlets and swapped ice for fire. The fire went through but after a few attacks, the gauntlets were out of charges. Teegz once again dimension doored to the center and roasted things. After a few more rounds we took the last of them down and could proceed.

Next room, six more large undead. This time though they were ogres and appeared to have a chief sitting on a throne across the room and wearing some sort of bear skin. I was out of charges in the gauntlets and figured I would just have to poke away with my short swords. Ogres though have large clubs and I really didn’t want to get close and be able to do little to no damage. Teegz solved my problem though as she dimension doored to the far side of the room and took me with her. This was great as it allowed me to go up the wall and use my bow. I could do about the same damage as with the swords but I only got two attacks at a time. On the plus side though I was pretty much out of reach for attacks and that was a really big plus. Even though there were six of them and they were large it didn’t take long to take them down. Mostly because of Teegz, Jericho and Kird but I did my share. Rhomus Bohrel managed to control one of them an used him against his former allies so now we had a meat shield in the group. Also somehow in teh middle of the battle Amber Nimblefingers manged to activate her gloves and was suddenly able to claw at monsters with them.

Besides the way we came in there was only one other door in the room so we followed it. What do you know another six large undead monsters. Ogres again this time though they didn’t have any sort of leader with them. This battle went pretty much like the last one. Jericho, the controlled ogre, Kird and Torrien (in polar bear form) charged in the front. Teegz grabbed the rest of us and dimension doored to the far comer. I went up the wall to shoot things and Amber Nimblefingers charged in slashing with her gloves. After one good whack for the zombie ogres though she decided it was better to hang back a bit. Anyway after just a few attacks, couldn’t have been much more than 30 seconds, the zombies were down and we were liking our wounds.

There were two other doors out of this room, so Amber Nimblefingers and I consulted the map. It looked like one dead ended so that would be a good one to hold up in for the night. We were all either beat up or out of spells at this point so it was time to rest. I checked the door for traps and found none, so Amber Nimblefingers unlocked the door and I went in. The room was empty except for a large, obviously expensive painting so I took my time searching for traps.

I was spending too much time right in front of me though I guess as I failed to see the trap just to my side, which I tripped when my foot slipped sideways. Next thing I knew I was falling down a deep pit. Normally I would have used feather fall to stop this but I had used my last spell saving the kender from her fall. I was just starting to curse the kender when I hit the bottom and felt a sharp pain. I had manged to hit a spike in the bottom of the pit and of course it was poisoned. I could feel the strength drain from me as it took hold.

I managed to drag myself out of the pit and flopped on the floor between a couple of pits. Evidently whatever trap I had tripped had opened a checker board of pits in the room. Evidently my “friends” had found my fall rather amusing and Amber Nimblefingers had taken the time to remove the painting from the wall instead of seeing if I was OK. Nice to see how concerned everyone is for another team member. Maybe I won’t let them now where the next trap is that I find. Anyway Jericho finally agreed to heal me up after the poison had run its course. Initially he wanted me to pay for his spell components. We had to remind him that any expenses short of curing death come out of the party fund. These damn casters! There job is to cast spells to help us, yet they want everyone to pay for their expenses. If the party has to pay for their components maybe the party should pay for my arrows or poisons?

Anyway it is time to rest up now. Looking at the map, there is a large room only a couple of rooms away. That is probably where we will find Lord Taarnatikas. Hopefully he can direct us to the sacred flame and we can get out of this damn dungeon. We have a ton of loot but it can’t do us any good until we can get back to the base.

Crossing the Lava

So after the battle in the map room we slept in the “office” next to it and recovered our spells and licked our wounds. The next morning Amber Nimblefingers made a copy of the map we could take with us (the map itself was set in a large table sot wasn’t very portable) and we planned our next move. After reviewing the map we realized that we had missed a couple of rooms so we went back to check them out. Also Rhomus Bohrel wanted to raise the feathered snake thing.

One was an armory but simply mundane weapons so the only things useful were some arrows for Teegz Illa and myself. The next couple of rooms were either empty or the furnished quarters we had previously encountered. Rhomus Bohrel raised the snake thing and then we checked out the final room we had missed.

This room was a large chamber that bordered the lava river. As we rounded the corner to the room, we saw a selection of bones from previous adventurers and in the middle of the pile, a basilisk. The group flew into action – Teegan attacking with some sort of spell, Torrien summoning an animal to attack and Jericho closing to take a whack at it. I went up the wall (love that new spider climb) to try and close for flanking. After the first couple of attacks I dropped down to get my sneak attack. I hit and did damage but as I did so the basilisk turned his head and our eyes locked. As soon as it happened I knew I was in trouble. I could feel myself turning to stone and figured it was the end. Next thing I knew though everything was normal and the basilisk was dead. Evidently the group managed to put it down before the effect could become permanent.

After putting down the basilisk we returned to the map room and continued exploring the rest of the complex. The first couple rooms yielded the same old stuff – drapes, sheets, ink, paper, etc. Then we came into a domed room with what looked like the male version of the angel we had fought in the map room. This room was much smaller than the map room though so we had less room to maneuver. As always I tried to get into flanking position. It didn’t look that was that likely so I went invisible and cast true strike. No sooner did I get ready to strike though and the angel cast see invisibility and their went my advantage.

Even with this we started to whittle him down to size. Just when it looked like he was going to go down though, the damn thing opened his wings and flew to the other side of the room, healing himself along the way. Rather than follow him on the ground like everyone else, I went up the wall to try and get a shot at him with the bow. No sooner did I get ready to take a shot though, then the rest of the guys finally took him down. Oh well at least I got some more wall climbing time in.

After dealing with him we continued clearing the rooms between us and the river of lava. We found some magic stuff we couldn’t identify and a bone scroll in a rubble pile but for the most part it was more drapes and such again. We did get lucky and find a secret room though that I think belonged to the large angel we saw in the room with the feathered snake. There was a large amount of coins and gems plus a large great sword and a large composite longbow. Jericho picked them up and instantly dropped them as he felt experience drain from him. Luckily everything came back once he dropped the weapons. They were obviously worth a lot so I carefully wrapped them in the sheets without actually touching them and placed them in Amber Nimblefingers’ pack.

We came across one room that was mostly ruined but had a large gong at one end. Amber Nimblefingers of course took off at a dead run towards the gong as couldn’t resist hitting it. Luckily I was quicker and was able to tackle her and pin her to the ground. When she didn’t calm down right away I transferred her to Kird until we were away from the gong. Sometimes I am not sure if the kender is worth the trouble. However a few minutes later she proved her worth again by flipping the switch on an immovable rod that none of the rest of us could get to.

The rest of the way to the edge of the lava river was rather uneventful but once their we had to figure out how to cross. There was a lot of debate (I thought about using spider climb to simply walk across the ceiling) but eventually we came up with a plan. Teegan would use dimension door to get all of us except Rhomus Bohrel across. He was going to fly on his snake thing.

Once across we started exploring again. Being the stealthiest I was of course on point. I crept around one corner and came across what looked like a supply room. As I crept up on it I saw that it was staffed by some sort of two-headed creature. My first thought was of course to kill him but as usual the group wanted to talk. So we all came up and had a little chat with him. His name was Narkon and he was the quartermaster for a group that worshiped the entrapped demon and wanted to free him. His boss was Vornorok. Overall a night hag priestess named Grelta was in charge of this part of the dungeon. Grelta’s quarters were right across from the supply room but we decided to not ransack it now but rather try to talk our way through this part of the dungeon.

We continued deeper into this area and I came across two room across from each other. As I carpet forward to look around the corner though I must have made a noise though as the creature inside looked up and saw me. The thing turned out to be the same type of critter as Narkon and was in fact his boss Vornorok. I figured I could talk my way out of this and started up a conversation with him. I thought I was doing OK. Getting a bit of information without giving away much and keeping him from attacking. Then the rest of the group came up and everything spiraled into a mess.

Torrien let out that we were only after the Sacred Flame and didn’t want to release the demon lord. Amber Nimblefingers tried to do some sort of song and dance routine to put the thing at ease. Jericho was as boastful and stupid as ever. At first it looked like he was going to goad the guy into a fight. Then he was trying to give away Exordius as proof that we were friendly. Which was better than the first attempt as we had noticed several more two-headed things come up behind us. The whole time though he is talking like he is some sort of lord or something and Vornorok didn’t seem to be having any part of it. At about the same time Teegz was also trying the intimidation route. I really thought we were going t have to fight our way out of this one and it didn’t look like the odds were in our favor. I thought I may have to turn invisible and head for the hills but eventually sane heads prevailed and Vornorok took us to see the night hags.

When we got to the night hags we had to again plead our case. This time we were smart enough to not mention that we had no intention of freeing the demon lord. In fact we said that we would let them know if we figured out how to free him. The night hags though claimed that they had never heard of the Sacred Flame. Jericho and Teegz were once again there idiotic selves and tried to intimidate the hags. When will those two learn that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? Intimidation can be useful but you gotta know when to use it.

The hags were having a hard time buying us as allies though and didn’t believe that we had killed angles on our way there. Top convince them and seal the deal, Rhomus Bohrel took his snake thing and went back to get a head of one of the angels we killed. The rest of hung out while he did this. Amber Nimblefingers decided to play with her spoons while we waited. Jericho, for some unknown reason, suddenly jumped up, grabbed one of the spoons, broke it in two and started running towards the door to the lava. Before he got there though he triggered some sort of trap and fell into a pit.

A few minutes later he appeared at the top of the pit looking a bit beat up and and tried the door to the lava. When it didn’t open, he tossed the spoon pieces into the pit and walked back to the group. Amber Nimblefingers was distraught and in tears. In her warped mind she viewed those spoons as her friends and was ready to jump into the pit to get the spoon back. As much as I find her annoying at times she is very useful at picking locks and disabling traps, so I couldn’t just let her dive into a pit. To help her out I gave her a potion of levitation and cast feather fall on her. She came out of the pit a few minutes later with her “friend”. By the looks she gave Jericho though I could see that their would be bad blood between them for a while. Soon after this little incident, Exordius started to glow so evidently this was part of the ritual to activate the sword. Only time will tell if it was worth it. Personally, if it wasn’t for his healing I would sneak up on Jericho as he slept and slit his throat. I find him to be as annoying if not more so than the kender.

Rhomus Bohrel came back with the angel head and that convinced the hags that we were on the same side, at least as far as the angels were concerned. They should us to their leader, Grelta. She also didn’t know anything about the Sacred Flame, however she did tell us that the next area was controlled by a necromancer named Lord Tarnatikas and agreed to escort us safely to the end of her domain. We told her that if we found anything useful about the demon lord we would let her know and then we settled in to rest up.

As I drifted off I wondered if these hags may have access to poisons. I do a decent amount of damage when I can flank someone but a little bit of poison could be useful.

More Angels

So we awoke up after the big fight, healed our wounds as best we could and then set out to explore the rest of the dungeon. The first room was empty and yielded only some low level loot, the next was completely empty. The third however was anything but empty.

Working with Amber we were able to disable the locks and traps on the door. Then I pushed it open expecting it to be empty like the first two and found myself looking at two angels. Since I had no weapon out and was completely unprepared I backed up and let the others charge in. Once I got a chance to down a potion of Bull’s Strength and draw my swords I joined the fray. The angels turned out to be trumpet archons as one kept changing his sword into a trumpet and vice versa. When he blew the trumpet the first time I was suddenly frozen in place. It seemed like eternity but it was only a few moment and then I could move again. Just in time for him to blow it again and freeze me again. I unfroze just as the first one went down and then the second went down before I could actually get to it. The room had basically the same loot as the first one so really not worth the effort.

After what happened with the angels I made sure I was prepared as we approached the next door. I was all set for a battle when we opened the door. Unfortunately the room was empty. Completely empty. So much for being prepared.

We followed the corridor and came to a room with a large table in the center. The table appeared to have a map of the entire complex on it. This was exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately there was a large rather angry looking angel on the other side of the table. Amber and the sorcerer chick went into the room first. As soon as they got in though their was what felt like an earthquake and parts of the ceiling started falling on us. I managed to dodge it but the sorcerer and Torrien weren’t quite so quick and got stuck under the rubble. Unfortunately for Amber she was now alone in the room with the angel. The angel hit her with some sort of stun spell and down went Amber.

We helped getting the slow ones out from under their rubble piles and went after the angel. She was far away so I turned invisible and started moving around to flank her. Torrien and Kerd went righter him but after a short time the angel stunned Kird just like she had stunned Amber. I managed to get behind her and got in a few good whacks. Unfortunately she moved towards the stunned Kird so I couldn’t get in there and flank her.

About this time I noticed a small hallway nearby and decided to move towards it to block off her escape. With the battle raging I didn’t have time to check for traps though. Bad idea. As soon as I stepped into the hallway some sort of trap went off and everything went black and silent. When site and sound finally came back the angel was down and Rhomus was standing over the body. Evidently when the trap went off he just charged in and set off a negative energy burst. Pretty gutsy but it worked.

We grabbed a key off of the dead angel and went through the door at the end of the hallway. On the other side of the door was what was obviously the angel’s office. It was painted to give the impression of being outdoors. Judging by the others reactions it was pretty good. I though far prefer the underground to the outdoors. We went through the office and came up with some sort of shiny feathered shield. It was obviously masterwork but besides that we wouldn’t really tell much about it.

After we finished looting the office we settled in for a rest. Most of us were pretty beat up and the magic users had to recharge their spells. We have a map of the dungeon now though so that at least should make the rest of the dungeon easier and less deadly to navigate.

More Artifacts

Soon after returning from the dragons, I investigated my new armor and found out all sorts of details about it. It is called Infiltrator and has a number of special qualities I can unlock. To unlock the first set I needed to find some secret info. I managed to get to some cool info doing so:

-Garryl was abandoned by his father. Take in by Adadon (highest ranking member in citadel). He is allowed to stay in Citadel as long as he serves the Citadel. His deepest fear is being put out of the Citadel and being forced to fend for himself.

-Adadon is slowly gaining transformation into a devil. Upon death he will go to the Outer Planes and work through the devil chain of command. He is trying to work a deal with the demons (associating with them frowned upon by devils), thinking that if they can combine forces they can take over the Material Plane.

-Weakest link in the Citadel command structure is Zamanni. He is consistently mocked by his fellow members of the council, mostly because he is a cultist of Levistist (devil locked in ice and thus powerless). Zamanni is in charge of assassinations.

After finding out this info I meditated on Infiltrator for a day and suddenly I had access to its powers. Soon after this we were called into Bal-Balah’s office and told the location of team’s remaining artifacts and that there was another mission at the same place.

The place was an Order of the Veil prison that was holding the artifacts and a demon lord. Besides our artifacts there a powerful one that we were to recover for the citadel but we had to do so without freeing the demon lord. Bal-Balah gave us 6000gp apiece to get outfitted for the mission. Just how hard was this going to be that he thought we needed an extra 6k worth of equipment each?

After we got all of our gear, Torrien’s took 15 days!, Bal-Balah teleported us to just outside the prison. I crept in ahead to scout the area. I was being really careful to not be heard but didn’t look for traps. Bad idea. I hadn’t gotten too far inside the door when suddenly I noticed the ceiling falling and I dove out of the way. A large spiked grate had come out of the ceiling and would have flattened me, if my reflexes weren’t so quick.

In the next room there were several hound-arcons waiting for us and they didn’t look to happy. We fought our way into the room and as we were putting down the first group what appeared to be a trophy case opened on the side wall and more of them came at us. Again we were able to put them down but we got pretty banged up doing it.

One the room was cleared we went through the trophy case entrance and into a corridor with three doors. The first one contained Norris’s sword, the second was simply a barracks, the third had Bet’s sword. Both artifact rooms were heavily trapped and locked but Amber was able to get through them with ease.

After the corridor we came to a room with some sort of winged snake in the middle and an ancient angel on a throne to one side. We tried to talk the snake into a allying with us but he was having none of it. Jericho and I managed to get into a side corridor and opened a hidden door only to find that it opened onto a river of lava. I decided to turn invisible and try to get by the snake but it didn’t work too well. I was barely half way to the other exit when the snake heard me and all hell broke loose.

More hound arcons came into the room and the snake turned invisible. Kind of hard to hit an invisible snake. We did what we could but there wasn’t much to do until the snake came back or the arcons engaged us. Norris goaded the snake into showing itself by going after the angel and nearly paid for it with his life. After a hard fought battle and lots of healing potions / spells we were able to defeat them all.

We then proceeded through the far door and found a hallway just like the previous one, traps, artifacts and all. Only this time Rhomus and Jericho found there artifacts. At the end of the hallway was another entry type room with more arcons, which we of course took down.

After soem searching we stumbled onto a room with two angels. Not a good thing to do when most of our spells and abilities were wasted. We set on them but they were so hard to hit that it looked almost impossible. Gerd was taken down rather easy, though Terried was able to get to him in time to move him to a new body. It looked bad, especially after Rhomus fell but suddenly luck turned our way and we able to finish them off.

So that is where we find ourselves as I write this entry. Knee deep in our own and angelic blood hoping to rest up before looking for the Citadel’s artifact in this accursed jail.

Finding My Item

Today we go the mission that I was waiting for – to recover my artifact. We were given a rock and told that it would lead us to some dragons that were gaurding mine and Amber’s artifacts. Amber of course wanted the rock as it glowed to show the way.

Soon after we were on our way we ran across a group of minotaurs. They packed quite a punch but we were able to put them down eventually. After we licked our wounds we headed out Kotanku to resupply before hitting the caves. Some of us resupplied and got ready for facing dragons. Amber on the other hand went to the tavern and stole a spoon, which she promptly named George.

The stone led us past the entrances of several large caves (if the entrance size matched up with dragon size I was very glad we bypassed those caves) and to an averaged sized one. When we entered the cave we were in a chamber with four tunnels heading off from it and two guards with dragon heads that didn’t look happy to see us. Amber started chatting them up right away but it didn’t help. In fact I think they were getting madder. They only solution was to fight, so fight we did. We got a nasty surprise though when one of them shot a lightning bolt out of his mouth. We were able to put the two of them down but at some point I must have got hit very hard on the head as suddenly I found myself waking up on the floor and the battle was done.

We started down the leftmost tunnel and had to go through several more guards, both normal and dragon headed, before we reached our first real dragon. We were able to take him down and found some good loot but not the artifacts so we headed onward. We found a hatchery with a small cave that we could hold up and rest in and that is what we did.

We set out again looking for a the artifacts. I scouted ahead trying to scope stuff out. However I tripped over a rock and made a bit too much noise. I came around the corner and there were six guards all lined up in formation. I quickly beat a retreat and reported back to the group. Instead of trying to find another way Amber decided to try and get them to follow her so we could ambush them. However all she got was a javelin in arm. After that we decided to try and circle around them.

As we went through the tunnels we heard what sounded like a young child up ahead (the kid calling out had nothing to do with me tripping over another rock). As we entered the room, there was a young boy jumping up and down on top of a pile of treasure and calling out to us. We encircled him and started asking questions trying to figure out what was going on. Something just didn’t seem right to me though. It was like he was talking a bit too loudly. I wanted to put an arrow in him but everyone complains I am too quick to attack so I decided to wait.

I regretted that decision a few second later when kid shifted into a dragon and the guards we had stumbled across earlier came out of the tunnel I was standing next to. Next time I shoot first and ask questions later. Anyway standing in front of six guards in a phalanx formation is not a good place to be. Rhomus summoned some sort of creature nearby to try and keep them busy but I was still not in a very good place. I managed to do some damage on a few of them but before I got get out of there everything went black and down I went. I came to just in time to help finish off the last of the guards and the dragon. This one had some good loot as well but once again no artifacts so we pushed on.

A short time later we came across a third dragon. The dragon took to the air right away. This made it very hard for us to attack him. We kept trying but nothing seemed to be able to touch him. Eventually though he must have gotten bored and came down to attack. Bad mistake on his part as once he was on ground we could actually attack him. A short time later the dragon was dead and Amber and I were holding our artifacts. Rhomus used some sort of spell to reanimate the three dead dragons and we flew back to the stronghold on them.

Finish the Succubi

I wanted to push on but the casters said they had to rest. Typical casters, they have great spells but once they run out they are as helpless as a baby. So we had to sit around for 8 hrs waiting for them. Finally the casters were ready and we could push on.

Amber and I had to undo a couple of locks and then we were in an almost empty room. The only thing in the room were three human females. They were rather pathetic looking in their tattered rags but I suppose if they were cleaned up they could be decent sacrifices. They claimed that they were the missing sisters but I wasn’t sure. Jericho asked them some questions and said they were lying. He wasn’t sure about what but they were definitely lying.

I was all for just filling them full of arrows where they stood but my weak willed brethren wouldn’t hear of it. They thought we should free them. I at least convinced them that we should tie them up before we took them anywhere. First we decided to search the room though. So Amber and I searched the place and found a hidden door. Part way through though one of them jumped on me and planted a kiss on me. It was disgusting and I could feel some of the life drain from me. The women were the succubi. I knew we should have just killed them.

We immediately went after them but the started chanting and vanished before we could do any real damage. Worse yet as they left the center of the room started glowing. They summoned something. Before we knew it there was some sort of four legged demon with wings. It got our attention real fast but we dispatched it fairly easily. After it we went through the hidden door, determined to find those damned succubi.

We found them in the next room. They were laughing about our apparent demise but their laughter ended quickly as we set on them. One cast some sort of spell on Amber and set her off to feed the horses. I almost felt bad that we had to kill that one as I would love to learn how to do that. The kender is OK but sometimes it would be great if she would just shut up. One of the others then turned invisible and the other then turned into a troll. Suggestion girl then followed suit and turned into a medusa. It didn’t help them though as we still dispatched them fairly quickly. We then searched the place and found a few less lucky adventurers and their gear.

After the caster rested yet again, we set off for the BAA stronghold. On the way though we ran into a group of “horse” people. They looked like horses but walked on their hind legs and had some sort of hand / hoof hybrid on their front ones. They could tell right off that we were evil and attacked us. These guys were actually a lot tougher than the succubi. As I got around back of one to stab it he clobbered me and everything went blank. Next thing I knew the battle was done. Luckily though everyone, including me, was still breathing though somewhat beat up.

We made it back to the stronghold and reported to Tur-uk who seemed pleased with our success. He then took us to their diviner,Bal-Balah, who told us of the special objects the BAA had located for us. This what he told us:

  • Betalina Wittenberg – Brass Ruination – A greatsword reportedly used to kill brass dragons
  • Rhomus Bohrel – Caput Mortuum – A scythe used by followers of Nerull
  • Jericho – Merikel – A greatsword used by an arrogant solar named Merikel
  • Torrien – Sling of the Dire Wind – A sling whose ammo gets larger as it is launched
  • Me – Infiltrator – A mithril chain shirt used by a spy
  • Norris – Exordius – A longsword forged by a lich king
  • Amber Nimblefingers – Ghostfolly’s Gloves – Gloves used by a famous spy

Amber Nimblefingers’ and Torrien’s items are being held at a famous collector’s mansion. The Order of the Veil are guarding the items for Rhomus Bohrel, Jericho, and Norris. Betalina Wittenberg’s and mine are held by the Dragonguard of Kotanku and their dragon.

I was all for going after mine first. I mean hwo hard can it be to get it from a dragon? Invisibility potion on the way in, another after you grab the item and you are done. No muss no fuss. However everyone thought that would be way too hard so we decided to go after ones at the collector’s mansion first.

We will see. I just hope that chain shirt is worth it. By the time we get the other things I may already have something better.

Sydicate Log Entry Two

We rested. A full eight hours waiting for the casters to recover, it had better be worth it. We were finally ready to proceed. The next door revealed an empty room, well almost empty. Three girls sat huddling in a corner. They were just wearing rags and looked rather scared of us. They identified themselves as the sisters that had gone missing when the succubi showed up. I almost believed that they weren’t the succubi, almost. The others tried to question them, and we decided on tying them up and hauling them back to town. One of them got excited and kissed Ghauntree, she sucked some of the life right out of him. The girls were the succubi, I was shocked. Completely shocked.

They began to chant together, we tried to stop them. I charged and cut one pretty hard, only to have it instantly heal as all three of them teleported away. They left a creature behind, a big vulture person looking thing. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it put up a good fight, resting was probably the smart move. In the end we brought the thing down, it vanished as all summoned things must do. That just left the succubi yet. A quick search of the room revealed a secret door.

The door led to another room, within were the three succubi laughing away as if they had just pulled the biggest joke in the world. We entered and simply asked ‘What’s so funny?’ They stopped laughing, it was our turn. We charged, they stood and fought. Bad choice on their part. One did suggest that Amber go check on the horses and she hurried off to comply. I need to figure out how she did that. Regardless, it wasn’t an easy fight; one turned into an ogre, one turned into a medusa and the other simply vanished. We had to two visible ones down before Amber returned. She joined back into the fray and we finished the job. Tur-uk better be happy.

On the way back we ran into something you don’t see everyday, horse-men of some sort. Not centaurs mind you, equinals or something like that I think Tur-uk called them later when we told him about them. I during the fight I finally got tired of these outsiders and corrupted my sword. If only I had a permanently tainted weapon. Tur-uk did talk about items for us. Hmmm…

We returned to the citadel, the same pulled showed us the way back once we wanted it to. The group split up once we were back inside. Some went down to see the armorer and enchanter while I and some others went to report in to Tur-uk. He seemed pleased with our progress. It was time for us to go see another of the council, Bal-Balah. Bal-Balah has the most interesting chambers, as Tur-uk’s was decorated in trophies, this one was pure books. He told us of the treasures that we would seek. A legandary evil blade awaits me, Exordius. Excellent. Most excellent.

Amber's Super Epic Journal Day 1

So today I was wondering around the mountains looking for a dragon. I have always wanted to meet a dragon I bet there nice. My hero Tass rode a Dragon once I read it in one of his journals back at Kendermore, it was an amazing place. I’m related to the great Tass by way of Uncle Trapspringer it turns out hes my 3rd cousin 5 times removed. Well anyway back to the exciting news that will make me as great as him! Well as I was saying I was wandering threw the mountains it was like I had a pulling feeling. It brought me to the middle of a valley thing and there were humans there! Well i think they are humans I have never been very good at telling what race people are but I know one looked elfish I wounder if he could teach me elven that would be soo soo soo cool. His name is Ghauntree Oussurden but thats all he really said about him. There was a dude that smelled of death is was weird and i wounder if i ever could get that smell…. I once met a Gully Dwarf that smelt funny her name was beepbo and carried a dead snake with her where ever she went. After I introduced my self to them I got bored and decided to look around. I found a bug his name is Bob and I put him in one of my pouches to keep him safe. So a rat came out and then went like boom! and turned in to a man it was soo cool. I wish I could do that. Being a rat would be soo fun i could get in to all sorts of small spaces and crawl around and eat cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CHEESEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rat dude walked threw a wall so i ran threw it and rammed in to him is was fun but he didn’t seem to like it very much. They brought us to our group bed room with lots of beds and pillows! When I saw this room I got a brilliant idea. I was going to build a fort. So when Hagman went to go get me a quill and paper i started to ask people for there pillows one person said i could have theres and when i went to go get it, it grew teeth!! it was mazing and soo cool. After they all left I started away on my fort after I finished I was sitting in there playing with Bob when something landed on me. I tried to him with a pillow and missed bus soon i forgot and found something better to do.

I am sleepy now and can’t remember what i was writing about so its bed time and maybe if your lucky i will rite to you tomorrow.

Syndicate Log Entry One

I don’t know that this is going to work. The Baatorians have a strange way of organizing things, bring together a group of mostly anti-social sociopaths and have them work together? Each of the people undoubtedly has their own unique skill set, getting them to cooperate would be quite the feat. I don’t know if they’ve accomplished this feat before, so I’ll stick around and see what they do, but I don’t see this going particularly well.

We all arrived at some nowhere spot in the middle of the mountains. It sure didn’t look like any type of citadel that I’ve ever seen. We were left to our own devices when we met up, and wasted time looking around trying to find their citadel. That’s when I noticed the rat, others noticed it as well, and they actually drew their weapons on it. I’m seriously questioning the discipline of some of these people. I have yet to run into anything that looks like a rat that warrants that kind of reaction. The rat then turned into a man, a nervous, frightened man. He claimed to be the Baatorians’ representative here to meet us. It was about time. He was to lead us into their base and get us ‘settled in’. I was beginning to feel as though they didn’t need us as much as the letter had claimed, still it’s not good to make judgments before you get all of the information and patience is a virtue. I wasn’t always one for virtues.

Hagman, the were-rat, led us into their base through an illusion wall of stone. Most of us entered cautiously, most of us are not kenders. The woman, Bet, brought her horse in with her. She seemed to have some difficulty convincing it, but she managed it. I had to give her credit for that, I would have been disappointed if the horse had defeated her. The corridor was narrow and tunneled into the mountain, it was a good place to hide a citadel. Hagman led us to a room with beds for each of us, our new living quarters no doubt. No privacy? That was one way to fuse a group together, or to have them kill one another. Amber, the kender, seemed excited; by this point however, I would have suspected something if she wasn’t. The others had Hagman get us some maps of the place so that we could explore a bit until we were needed.

Everyone split up, I considered investigating the armory or the training hall, but decided to see the mess hall. Eat when you get the chance, you never know when you may not have such options. The food was decent, the staff was a bit peculiar. They seemed to be in a trance, and the other people getting food amused themselves messing with them. Hagman came with word then that it was time to meet with one of the council members.

The man we met was a dwarf, by the name of Torok. By the looks of his decorations, he had been quite the fighter in his day. Now he sat behind a desk shuffling papers. Such a waste. He told us that there was a party of adventurers lurking around the mountain and getting a little to close to an entrance of theirs. We were to deal with them, and find out what they are doing here in the process. Simple enough, a trial run for us I suppose. It was finally something to do.

We rode out and encountered them just before dusk. They had set up camp in a clearing a few yards from the edge of a cliff. I momentarily toyed with the idea of just trying to drive them all over the side, but that wouldn’t get us the information that Torok had requested. The others had another plan. Magic, deception and such. Not one for sneaking around, I stay back behind the tree line while the most of the others moved forward. The kender did make for a good distraction. The group caught on, the battle started and quickly descended into chaos. I hope the Baatorians weren’t watching to closely. In the end we were left with their scout and cleric.

Bet scared the cleric into talking. I was impressed. I think he actually soiled himself, repeatedly. He claimed that they were up here hunting succubi, three of them attacked a village, killed some people and flew off into the mountains. Being the good people that they are, the group decided to hunt them down. The cleric was killed, but some thought the scout may prove useful yet. We went back to the base to report in. After dropping the scout off at the torture chamber, we met with Torok again. He was not pleased to hear about the succubi, they were not welcome here. He dispatched us once more to take care of them.

We rested for the night and headed out the next morning with the scout in tow. She showed us where the village was that had been attacked. ‘Village’ is a very loose term for the settlement we found. More complicated planning happened to try and get something out of these people who, I thought at least, fairly obviously didn’t have anything. We needed information though, so it was easier to let the others do what they want than try to talk them out of it. We found out that the succubi appeared about the same time three sisters vanished. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We went to the sisters’ house, there was not much there until Amber found a staircase hidden in the wardrobe leading down into the ground.

It was a long passage with a door at the end, we checked it for traps and moved through it. Beyond was a large room, split into four sections by grooves on the floor. Each section had a pillar with a lever on it. There was an open portcullis on our side, and a closed one on the far end. If this wasn’t a setup, I don’t know what one looks like. Very well, I’ll play along. A little experimentation later and we were split up into four groups, one at each lever. I’m still trying to figure out how I got with the kender. By pulling all the levers simultaneously, we activated the room. Spinning blades separated the sections and runes glowed in the middle of each. A monster of some sort appeared in each section which each group of two had to fight and kill. Ours died first. Two of the other beasts died and after a minute or so the blades stopped. We could all help finish off the last one.

Now there is talk of what to do next, proceed or sleep and recover. Some of our more magically inclined seemed unable to ration their power. I am all for pushing ahead, but we may well need everyone at full strength. I am not fond of waiting for others.


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